AURA(PDS Enclosure design)

【Design for Science Real】




つまり、研究とはある意味では「Science Fiction(SF)」を「Science Real(SR)」に変化させ、未来を作り出しているとも解釈できます。
これは言うなれば、「堅実なScience Realのためのデザイン」です。

クライアントである'Open Instruments Pty Ltd'は、オーストラリアにある研究機器に特化したベンチャーメーカーです。私たちはクライアントのために、よりグローバルなデザインを追求する必要がありました。




This enclosure is a precision machine design for component analysis used in the laboratory. "Research" is a place to create the future. In a sense, it can be interpreted as realizing "SF (Science fiction)" and changing it to "SR (Science real)". The design of equipment suitable for creating such a future is not the usual design found in the products of other companies today, but a design with a little new elements. However, it is also necessary to have "solidity" that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you install it in a clever place such as a laboratory. This is, so to speak, a "design for a solid SR".

We adopted a styling that wraps the black inner case with the white outer case. This is an image that the inner case is an unknown substance like a monolith (we saw it in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey") and has great energy to create the future. By suppressing the unknown monolith with a white outer case as a symbol of solidity, it gives solidity suitable for the laboratory.

The sliding door in the space for inserting the specimen was designed as part of the outer case. If the door is isolated, the "case-likeness"(Unsophisticated) will be emphasized. Therefore, by arranging it as a part of the overall design, the entire styling is stylishly finished.

The vents are designed with a large number of extremely small holes, and the clearance with the main body is also small. This design infinitely dilutes the perception of "vents" and allows us to focus on the intrinsic value of this research instrument. This part also adopted a futuristic design without making it an overt shape. Since we plan to use push magnet hinges, we can eliminate clunky handles.

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